Create what you WANT —

not what you're afraid of!

DO YOU EVER start worrying, and suddenly your vivid imagination has you penniless, homeless and dying of cancer? Harness your active imagination for something way more productive and definitely more fun.

IN A ONE-DAY WORKSHOP, CREATE a deck of powerful personal images — vision cards — that embody your goals, values, hopes and dreams. During a 4-hour session you’ll develop a vision of the biggest life possible for you and start creating it right away.

ENCOURAGED by coaches Laurie Phillips and Mary Cayan, you’ll use beautiful stock photography and illustration books to make a deck of cards that hold the juicy bigness of what your heart really wants. You’ll be able to use these cards as daily inspirers, reminders, goal-setters, meditation aids, even decision-makers.

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1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

2. Choose a Vision Card with your left hand. Open your eyes and look at it for a moment, then close your eyes again.

3. Imagine it’s happening right now. What does this reality feel, look, smell, taste, and sound like? What kind of setting are you in? Who’s there with you? Feel your body relax as you drink in this heart’s desire that’s become real.

4. Hold that feeling in your body for 30 seconds. Open your eyes and remain aware of how good your body feels. Take it with you throughout the day.

That's it! Just 30 seconds of effort a day can change your life in the biggest ways imaginable.


1. Vision Cards are like Post-It Notes from your soul. When the world pulls you away from your own knowing (and it always will), Vision Cards put you back on track.

2. Using Vision Cards is a tool to shift your false negative beliefs. Using them enlists the power of your body (the chemicals in your brain) to change the way you think and feel. This expands the range of actions, and results, that are possible.

3. Vision Cards are a declaration. They invent the future and initiate a new world. They put energy into action, like declaring “I do,” or declaring the end of a war.

4. This is a way to process grief. You might have to feel sad about the times you didn’t have something in order to change a belief about yourself.

5. Using Vision Cards helps you practice feeling satisfied. How often do you get what you worked so hard for, then immediately push on to the next goal? Using Vision Cards will help you slow down and savor the sweetness of life.

6. You’re practicing gratitude in advance. Every expert source on Happiness says that gratitude is the number one component of happiness. You’re just using the power of it before what you want actually happens.

7. You’re strengthening your imagination muscle, using it in a positive way instead of predicting gloom and doom. You can even create Vision Cards in your head to use when you need them on the spot!

8. This is a type of meditation that helps to center you. The next time your mood is in a downward spiral, grab a vision card and imagine IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW — what does it feel like, look like, sound like, who’s with you, what kind of setting are you in? Let your body relax and breathe in this wonderful place.

9. Practice receiving more. As you contribute more to the world around you (your family, job, communities) you need to receive more. If you’re training for a marathon, you need to eat more than if you’re sitting at a computer all day. Similarly, if you have ambitions for making the world a better place, you can use vision cards to imagine the support you could use. Everything from a weekly massage to a million-dollar donor to your foundation!

10. It’s really fun.

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Coming up in May, 2010

28 Benhill Road, St. Paul 55105

$100 per person, includes all materials. A $50 deposit is required to hold your place in the workshop. You can pay by credit card with PayPal: email and you'll receive a link to our PayPal page. Or you can mail a check to the address above, made payable to Laurie Phillips.

To register, arrange a private workshop, or for more information, please call (651) 225-0858 or e-mail

"I can't believe I ended up IN my vision card of Scotland — we got lost in Edinburgh, turned a corner, and there was the pub from the vision card I made four years ago. These cards really work!"

Gwen H.