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CLEARING HER RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY  When Paige volunteered to tape this EFT session, she was seriously overspending and underearning. She felt trapped in a way of life that wasn't satisfying to her even though on the surface she looked successful.

I talked to her 6 months after we taped this session and she had quit her job, sold the contents of her apartment, and used Kickstarter to successfully fund an art project where she traveled all over the east coast for 3 months. She said, "The funny thing is that I have more money in my bank account now than I ever did when I had a job. I'm no longer spending money out of fear."

She's now off to northern California to do a 3 month art residency where she'll be teaching and making art with the community. She's extremely happy and excited about this opportunity.

Way to go, Paige!!!

My body's talking to me

November 25, 2013
My wonderful Energy Medicine teacher, Marcia Rowland, recently lent me a book called, "The Healing Power Of Illness." It's about how the conflicts we haven't resolved at a conscious level show up in our bodies as illness or even accidents and have a message for us. There's something so freeing about taking ultimate responsibility for our lives and giving our selves the space to inquire about what's true.

One of my methods of doing this is to write with my non-dominant hand. I write a question with my right hand and let my left had write an answer. I always get amazing information. Yesterday I got the message that I need to change a few things in my life or I'll keep getting bladder infections. The minute I understood and accepted the truth of what my left hand had written, my body felt like a weight had been lifted from it.

What's the truth your body is trying to tell you???

Will Everything Turn Out Okay?

August 30, 2013
I worked with a deaf woman today and had a lovely time getting to know her. She brought an interpreter along who was lovely as well. We used EFT Meridian Tapping to release her stress around a major life decision that would soon happen. She was worried that it wouldn't turn out well. This woman has had mega-challenges in her life, and yet has come through them with her beautiful spirit intact.

So we tapped on, "Even though I'm worried this won't turn out well, I completely and deeply accept my...
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Releasing Anxiety

August 27, 2013
I worked with a new client recently who suffers from a lot of anxiety. We looked at what seems to trigger it and did some EFT on her general fear of being anxious and the impact of that on her relationships. We worked on the most recent event where she felt anxious, and reduced the discomfort level of that significantly.

We looked at what tools she already has that she can use at the onset of the anxiety, and gave her some new tools as well.

I'm learning more about Energy Medicine (I'm 70 hou...
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Fear of Flying gone -- poof!

June 20, 2013
She hadn't flown in years because of her fear of heights. But my client didn't want to miss a big family reunion happening across the country from where she lives. She booked the flight then panicked when she thought about actually getting on the plane. When she asked me to do an EFT session on her fear of heights, I wasn't sure we could get her a result it in just one session, which was all we had time for. But I told her we'd give it a try.

We discovered that her fear started when a carnival...
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A Wise Person's Gathering

March 3, 2013
Yesterday I hosted a Wise Person's Gathering for a young woman who's 25 years old and feels confused about her career path. There were five of us there to brainstorm with her and give her our best connections. What a gift to see her go from scared and blocked to excited and hopeful. It took very little effort on the part of the rest of us, and made such a big difference.

Do you know anyone who needs a creative boost in their life who you could host a Wise Person's Gathering for? It will give ...
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Mary T. O'Keefe interviews me on using EFT for food cravings

December 3, 2012
FOOD CRAVINGS  Interview with Mary Treacy O'Keefe of Well Within about how to use EFT meridian tapping on food cravings. We demonstrated the process with a real food craving she was dealing with -- sweet potato fries. Listen in and see what happened!

Interview with Laurie

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When you want to run away from your job

November 15, 2012
A client emailed me this morning with this: 

"I'm having one of those days where all I can think about is getting out of the life I'm living...
mostly because of my job and my feeling of unimportance.
I want to run away."

Here's what I emailed back:

"Some tips, if you feel like trying them:

Be a spiritual beacon for everyone around you, sending out pure love and acceptance in a 40 foot radius.

Take a co-worker to coffee and find out more about them.

Do a task with the intention of doing it immacu...
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Stress Relief Video: Kathleen's Six Intense Things

November 2, 2012

When I coached Kathleen about the pain in her body and what it might be connected to, she talked about all the intense situations
currently going on in her life. We counted them and they added up to six. We used EFT meridian tapping to release the stress around having all that stress!
Kathleen went from a 7 (on a discomfort scale of 0 -10 with 10 being the most discomfort) to a 4 in one round, and was actually laughing by the end of it when she realized the absurdity of constant...

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Saying "I Quit"

October 11, 2012
One of my clients came to our session last night and said, "Guess what -- I quit my job!" Her face had a big smile on it and there was creative energy pouring off her. She hired me several months ago to help her figure out where her career was going. We did several sessions on releasing her stress around a particular co-worker who was tormenting her.

When we first started coaching, we did a Core Values Assessment -- and "freedom" turned out to be one of her top values. We then talked about ...
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At The Woman's Club

August 18, 2012

Last Tuesday I got to lead a Stress Relief workshop for 100 people at The Woman's Club of Minneapolis. The building the club is housed in is a historic, very elegant place full of wonderful people and excellent food!

I heard a lot of stress around issues like physical pain and illness, worry about family members, and grief over the death of a spouse. I taught them how to use EFT meridian tapping and we saw a lot of the stress dissolve or at least lessen.

I love sharing this tool with people b...
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You are such a gift to me. You are my guide -- personally and professionally. Thank you from my heart.


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If you're experiencing stress in your career, health or relationships, I  can help you get your life back on track. Please contact me for a free sample session at 651.225.0858 or at



If you're experiencing stress in your career, health or relationships, I  can help you get your life back on track. Please contact me for a free sample session at 651.225.0858 or at