Who’s Laurie?

I am an ambitious, productive, visionary coach, artist and healer. I am also a fearful procrastinator whose first impulse is to hide under the covers with a package of Oreos. I’ve had to use many tools to move forward in my own life, and one of the best is coaching. I became a coach so I could pass along what worked for me.

Here's what I'm brilliant at: seeing your gifts and releasing the stressful blocks that are standing in the way of those gifts being lived powerfully in the world. I have many success stories and enthusiastic clients to prove it.

My own path has been twisty. It's "taken a village" to help me connect my life purpose to how I earn a living, so I have lots of compassion for my clients who experience confusion and paralysis.

I graduated from University of Colorado with a fine arts degree, moved to San Francisco and started working as a graphic designer. Eight years later I moved to Minneapolis with my first husband so he could go to graduate school. His chronic alcoholism eventually led to his death. My own use of alcohol and food got out of control and I ended up in several recovery programs. Part of my recovery involved mentoring others and I discovered that I was really good at it. That was 27 years ago.

When coaching emerged as a profession in the 1990s, I took some training so I could become a better mentor. I fell in love with the work and the community. That was 18 years ago and my practice has grown steadily over that time. 

Nine years ago I started using a tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) meridian tapping and experienced startling results in both myself and my clients. I continue to use it daily.

I also helped start a workshop called Vision Cards — a method of finding a vision for your life, making visual reminder cards, and using them on a daily basis for 30 seconds of self-hypnosis. I used the Vision Cards to get out of debt, marry my second husband, and find our house. Many of my 500+ cards have come true because of using the Cards daily.

My latest co-creations are Museum Sage — blending coaching with art, divination, and lots of fun at the museum; and Suicide Survivors' Club — an award winning book set, facilitator's guide, and experiential art workshop.

If you're experiencing stress in your career, your health or your relationships, I  can help release what's blocking you so you can move through crisis into happiness. Please contact me for a sample session at 651.225.0858 or at Laurie@BigHeartCoaching.com



Laurie Phillips is a stress relief coach who has helped many people move through a crisis in their career, health or relationships. Laurie received her certificate in Coaching in 1998 from the International Coach Federation-accredited Coaches Training Institute.

She's a trained EFT practitioner with the organization created by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, under the mentorship of Dawson Church, PhD.

Laurie taught at Blue Cross University for 9 years, at Adler School of Coaching for 3 years, and has led workshops at many other institutions, like the State of Minnesota Work Force Center and Struthers Parkinson's Center, both locally and internationally. 

She's been interviewed for Utne Reader and Experience Life magazine articles on the topic of self care.

Laurie has earned grants and commissions for her fine art from the Weisman Art Museum, the Ordway Center for Performing Arts, and the Jerome Foundation. She ran her own graphic design and communication business for many years. She lives in St. Paul with her husband, writer and performance artist Jon Spayde, and three destructive yet adorable cats.

Laurie's client list includes:

Abbott Northwestern Hospital (Penny George Institute For Health And Healing)

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Minnesota

Society Of Women Engineers

Minnesota Historical Society

Feng Shui Institute Of The Midwest

Adler School Of Coaching

State Of Minnesota Work Force Center

The Woman’s Club Of Minneapolis

Struthers Parkinson’s Center

University of St. Thomas 

Multicultural Forum/Career Fair

Minnesota Women Lawyers

If you're experiencing stress in your career, health or relationships, I can help you get your life on track. Please contact me for a sample session at 651.225.0858 or at Laurie@BigHeartCoaching.com

On a pain scale of zero to ten my hip pain went from an eight to a zero. And it's held for a month except for small twinges that I can take care of by using EFT myself. The effect my emotions have on my physical well being is amazing. It's equally amazing to know that it's possible to bring healing to myself with my own words and gentle tapping. Laurie, your work helping others to heal themselves is greatly appreciated.


Contact me at 651.225.0858 or Laurie@BigHeartCoaching.com to set up a sample session to see if I'm a good fit as your coach. You deserve to have the support you need to move through stress into happiness. Let's go.